I think that my physical body and my soul (if there is one) are made for a warmer climate. In the neotropic and oriental regions of areas with tropical climate in the world, there are thousands of different dragonfly species, whereas here in Sweden we only have around 64. It's because it's cold as hell in the North. I've never thought much about dragonflies before. They are beautiful to look at, most definitely but as with all kind of insects - not my favorite animals - I also find them a little bit unpleasant. They have really cool heads though...
As with all the Zoologist perfumes, a brand that I find super exiting, Dragonfly tells a story of its own with inspiration from the animal kingdom. Launched in 2017 and created by nose Juan Perez, a light purple juice dressed in the iconic Zoologist bottle with an esquisite illustration of a dragonfly dressed in a cape, carry a promise of an energetic spring in a bottle. 

One of the most prominent notes that really sticks up after application of the scent, is the note of rice. Yeah, rice, you know the thing you eat? I am not that very familiar with rice notes in perfumes but I have come across a few "rice scents" that I can remember at this moment: Creed Love in White - white flowers with dry rice, Maison Martin Margiela Tea Escape - green jasmine tea and mochi on a bottle, and Kenzo Amour - frangipani, rice and incense (and I heart it so much). To me, the rice note in perfume is probably not a love at first smell-thing but it is something I can get used to, depending on the other components in the composition. 

Another prominent note that is supposed to constitute the heart of this little insect fellow, is rain notes. What is rain notes? Its a synthetical note that is supposed to remind you of rain ofcourse - what kind of rain? Is it spring rain, a a lush garden after a heavy rain, the smell of wet concrete in the summer, or a grey slushy depressing november rain? I do not know. I assume it is the smell of freshness and clean water mixed with green plants and nature that the nose behind the scent wanted to accomplish. The dragonfly is after all, a creature that belongs in the tropics. I kind of enjoy the part of the perfume when the peony makes its flowery face known to me. The sweetness of the flowers makes the composition a little bit less harsh and a little bit less super green. 
I am not very fond of this scent though and it is not something I would wear neither on a daily basis or at particular moments. But if you like bright, grassy and green scents, the soul of Zoologist Dragonfly might be the scent just for you. 
Top: aldehydes, rain notes, heliotrope, lemon, piony
♥ cherry flower, lotus, iris, rice, clover
Bas: papyrus, musk, sandalwood, oak moss, amber