Here comes some very short and rather unstructed thoughts on Zoologist Rhinoceros, launched in 2014. The nose behind the fragrance is Paul Kiler and the fragrance is of course inspired by the massive, majestic Rhinoceros. Sidenote: when I think about Rhinos, one of the first images that comes to mind is Lord Rataxex from the french childrens book Babar. I used to watch the animated cartoon on tv when I was a child. Oh, what little did I know of Rhinoceros, or, perfume for that matter. 
At first whiff, I smell a concoction (but a very interesting one!) of notes that reminds me of the following ones: oud, leather, tobacco, something minty/menthol, woods, vetiver, patchouli. I realise when reading the actual notes, that the patchouli must be the vetiver, and the "menthol" might be the pine. The opening is kind of rough and in your face (but in a pleasant way) and what comes after are indeed softer, and maybe more wearable for those who are a bit afraid of loud and slightly animalic scents. My overall impression is good, but I kind of which that the oud would be a little bit more present throughout the whole composition. As of now, I only smell the oud in the first part of the fragrance - the base gets way more soft, with a herbal undertone. However, it definitely makes me think of animals, big and heavy, dirty animals. But that might just me because I already know I'm smelling something called Rhinoceros.

I really like the concept of Zoologist scents and I have sampled some of them, and cannot wait to sample them all! The scents are all interesting, and I love that they are inspired and named after different animals. Also can't resist those 18th or 19th century style illustrations on the bottles! 

Zoologist Rhinoceros opens up more potent, animalic and dirty than the rest of the story. I like the smell that makes me think of covering myself with dirt and mud, and then go to snooze for some hours under a bush. Maybe having some sweaty leathery sex in the afternoon sun on the dry savannah woodlands. Maybe eating some fresh green grass afterwards, to fresh myself up (don't know much of the life of a Rhino, that is just part of how I imaging them living). Hah, why not. 
Zoologist Rhinoceros contains:
Top Notes: Rum, Bergamot, Lavender, Elemi, Sage, Armoise, Conifer Needles

Middle Notes: Pinewood, Tobacco, Immortelle, Geranium, Agarwood, Chinese Cedar Wood

Base Notes: Vetiver, Sandalwood, Amber, Smoke, Leather, Musks