Those days (which is a lot the days, for me) when you need to be dragged out of bed and get a dose of instant energy, a perfect choice would probably be to spritz yourself with a hell lot of citrus and green freshness. Earlier, I had a really hard time getting out of bed and when I reached for my sample box, I didn't know what to wear. So I found a little vial with some drops of Comme de Garcon Series 5 Sherbet: Rhubarb. Never worn this scent before. They have done so many scents, I didn't know until now?  
Cdg Sherbet: Rhubarb was launched in 2003 and is an Eau de Toilette, so it's not a  couple of years on its neck. It is part of the Comme de Garcons "series", which contains 8 different cathegories - Leaves, Red, Incense, Cologne, Sherbet, Synthetic, Sweet and Guerilla. The nose behind the fragrance is Bertrand Duchaufour.
CdG Sherbet: Rhubarb opens up very fresh and green and something with it reminds me of Grapefruit. Tart, sour grapefruit is not my favorite fruit but in the top notes of the perfume (it doesn't even have grapefruit in it, so why am I still talking about the grapefruit? hah) it is rather pleasant. Except the grapefruit isn't even grapefruit, bergamott is what I actually smell. Anyways. Maybe 15 minutes after or so, my nose picks up some spicyness from the fragrance. That and a lot of green and floral things! It makes me think of an English garden with lush green plants and flowers, just after a heavy rainfall in the summer. 
 In that garden, there are also rhubarbs and you know what delicious things you can cook with them! A rhubarb pie for example. Or a make a batch of creamy Italian ice cream, and serve it in an elegant glass bowl...and add some pieces of candied citruses on top of it. Mmmm. The best phase of CdG Sherbet Rhubarb is definitely here, at the hearth. The scent is now creamy, with round edges and it has some sweetness as well, but never too much - the rhubarbs takes care of that, with its green tartness.
 When the drydown or the base note comes in the end, it has a slightly spicy character, almost peppery. But the soul of the CdG Sherbet Rhubarb is still green (with splashes of red and orange of course). When it comes to sillage and longevity, I would say longevity is Ok for being an Edt (maybe 3-4 hours on my skin) and sillage is close to skin (I prefer loud and enormous). 
The bottle is in my humble opinion, ugly, just ugly. It reminds me of a bottle of medicine (nose spray to be specific) and that doesn't feel very exiting at all. I'm glad we're not judging the juice by its bottle. 
Overall, CdG Sherbet: Rhubarb is a nice spring/summer scent with a little little bit of spicyness, lots of freshness, a pinch of sugar and creamyness, and it's a perfectly uncomplicated scent to wear just any day. I will probably not be reaching for it again since I'm not personally that much into tart, green scents. But on someone else, it might be perfect! 
The official notes are: 

Top: rhubarb, bergamott and litchi fruit.
Hearth: Camelia and Orchid.
Base: Oak tree and Vanilla.


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