Versace pour femme (discountinued but still available in some shops) is the floral, loud and sunny scent for those absolutely lazy and carefree summer days when you have zero obligations whatsoever, when you just wants to hang around somewhere, maybe in a park or at a sun-drenched terrace, doing nothing except enjoying. I would love to have those days more often then I do, but at the moment that is not how life is. But, doesn't matter, I have my precious Versace! 
 Versace pour femme was launched in 2007 and is in fact called simply Versace. I discovered it back in 2011 and has worn it ever since - I guess this gem is as close as getting to a signature fragrance as I get, I simply love it and to my nose is it just divine, ripe fruits, florals, lilacs (favorite) and softest musk. 
Shall we go further? Yes!
When spritzing Versace on the skin, the first thing I notice is a loud fruityness, sweet and juicy with a hint of florals. Pretty soon I detect the smell of guavas and in this composition, they are almost overripe, like a basket of fruits that has been left out on the veranda and gone over a day. Weirdly, I don't really mind that mild feeling of "over ripeness" (maybe it's just my näsa), I think it just adds some character to the scent (it doesn't have to be perfect). The overripe fruityness recalls an inner image of lighthearthedness and happiness as a person, all dressed in bright yellow and sipping drinks made of sunshine and guava on a hot July afternoon.  
 The feeling of wearing Versace, embodied by Brigitte Bardot 
When the fruity notes are starting to take a step back, the lilacs are taking a step forward. Oh, and what lilacs then! The scent of them are carried to you by a light wind and it is like sitting near a lilac bush in bloom, just close enough to be surrounded by their softness and sweetness, without being smoothered by their nectar (not that I would mind a lot I fear, I love lilacs). The tiny light purple flower in this composition is not cloying, and not overly sweet but more like the perfect amount of them mixed with soft musk and something cotton-ish. A pretty soft, clean and even innocent kind of lilac. I cannot really say that I smell the jasmine in the heart of the perfume (although, the warm sunny characters bears some resemblance to Elie Saab Le Parfum), nor any other flowers - that is, I can't really pick out the notes but would just say that the lilac is truly the heart of the compositon, with other florals acting as well behaved backup. 
At the end, what you have left on your skin (after at least 7-8 hours+ though) is a soft musky floral scent. It opens up loud and fruity, goes to a bit innocent lilacs + other sunheated flowers, without ever losing character or personality (with that said, it never gets boring and has a sillage that shows).
Over and out, Versace is truly a favorite of mine and I usually don't even go for fruity perfumes, they tend to be erhm...too fruity, too much like fruit soda or juice, which is great to drink, but not how I want to smell like. Since Versace has a floral heart and the guava doesn't take over (not for too long anyway), this perfume is easily one of my most perfect scent. It is a feminine, unapologetic, confident scent that works at so many occasions. It is even office friendly but be careful to not spritz too much since it has a pretty loud sillage. Finalemente, it has given me more compliments than any other perfumes in my collection, it is a f*cking star!
Top notes: Guava, Black Currant, Wisteria, Lilac, Dew Drop
Middle notes: Orchid, Lotus, Jasmine
Base notes: Bourbon Vetiver, Musk, Atlas Cedar, Cashmere Wood


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