Let's start with the fact that make-up-like perfumes aren't my thing. Perfumes that smells like vintage lipstick/powder/grandmas purse does normally not appeal to me, not even one bit. It is simply just how I would like to smell like. However, when it comes to Love Chloé, my nose gets softer, or my heart does. Love Chloé was launched in 2011 (noses are Louise Turner and Nathalie Gracia-Cetto) and here we truly have an exception: I fell in love the first time I tried it! Love Chloé like taking a whiff at old time scents without feeling they are outdated or trying to be something they are not. 
When smelling Love Chloé straight out of the bottle, it smells fresh and rosy, also even a bit salty. When spritzing it on my skin, it opens up with cold undernotes and almost medical...smelling a bit like cold metal perhaps (it might just be the iris note?). What comes after is my favorite part of the experience of loving Chloé. Allt the purple florals with the lilac as the star, are entering the scene. And the lilac is delicious, like those sweet candied lilacs, but covered in creamy and solid powder, and then locked in a vintage golden powder box. The flowers are rather thich and not all etherical or volatile in their character. It reminds me a bit of when (at least I did as a child and I still do!) you put a tiny single lilac to your mouth in order to suck out its nectar. Its sweet honeyed nectar! 
The oily and creamy powder or make up-feeling in Love Chloé stays the whole time, until the last part of the base notes are gone (which is after about 8+ hours on my skin, which is so so good since most fumes seems to fade quickly on me). 
Love Chloé makes me think of a person taking a hot hot bath in a vintage bathtub with golden tub feets. The hot water is colored white by the oily quality of an iris scented solid soap. After going out of the bath, and after doing the routine with putting on some expensive body milk on her skin, she brushes her long vawy hair and puts on an elegant pastel coloured silk shirt with a big bow, velvety soft trousers and high heeled suede wedges. Très chic and smelling amazing. 
The packaging of the juice matches my inner image of the bathing person wearing Love Chloé: a slender, elegant bottle with a golden cap and bottom, and a little chain that is attached between the cap and bottle. The color of the juice is peachy golden or rose gold. 
I feel like Love Chloé is a scent that doesn't have to be the loudest, doesn't have to be modern or trendy or like everyone else, but is comfortably aware that she stands out a bit from the crowd with her almost introvert way of smelling. I might talk jibberish right now but that is how I perceive the scent. It could easily fit into the 1910's or 1970's (it certainly has a 70's vibe to it!) or in the 2010's. It is like a modern retake of a vintage scent, honoring your make-up box but without smothering you with lilacs and irises. Hehe. 
Inspiration and Love Chloé associations: Chloë Sevigny
Top notes: African orange flower, pink pepper
Heart notes: Iris, lilac, wisteria, hyacinth, heliotrope (only light purple flowers!)
Base notes: powdery musk, talc and rice


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