When talking about stuff I like to put my mind on when I cannot sleep, perfume combined with fictive characters is a favorite theme of mine. Have you all been there? Not being able to sleep and instead been thinking of fragrant fumes and what your favorite ficitive characters from a movie/tv-series/book might wear. Fictive worlds and movies/series/litterature are among my favorite things in life and I love perfume the same (together with history, art, pastries, flower gardens and other beautiful things...). We all know that being able to experience different smells and scents, is something that can touch us humans on a deep level (scent memories are the most powerful etc etc). Stories, interesting characters and gripping movie endings can also touch us humans on a deep level. Combining scent or perfume with characters from fictive worlds, doesn't seem a very far-fetched thing to do in my opinion. Thus, I'm gonna dive in and do it. 

First out is my all time favorite fictive character Rose DeWitt Bukater from the movie Titanic (1997). I love her wits, her perfectly red curls, her amazing Edwardian (Edwardian era ftw) wardrobe, her courage, her passion and her looks. I love her. Have you seen Titanic? I'm sure you have but if you haven't, please watch it. The love story is indeed a bit cheesy but who cares.  
I have been putting my mind for a little while on what perfumes Rose DeWitt Bukater might have worn if I could chose. The following is what I've come up with, take it or leave it. Let the nerdiness begin!
(The character Rose DeWitt Bukater was apparently born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in April 5, 1895 and she was only 17 when she boarded the Titanic)
In the beginning of the movie Titanic, Rose DeWitt Bukater is only 17 and is enaged to a super rich douche bag whom she doesn't love. She feels like she is trapped and is very frustrated and sad. I think the perfect perfume for her at this period of her life would be...Guerlain L'Heure Bleue. Why? Well, it was created in 1912 (the same year as the Titanic sank) by Jacques Guerlain in 1912 and just fell for the description of the scent:"The fragrance is velvety soft and romantic, it is a fragrance of bluish dusk and anticipation of night, before the first stars appear in the sky" (info from fragrantica). The cold powdery iris and violets matches the restrained Rose perfectly at the time, and blends well with the same time warmish and waxy heliotrop vanilla of the perfume. Like a cold surface with a warm heart? *cheesyness* 
Rose DeWitt Bukater during an Heure Bleue....
 When Rose starts to spend more time in the company of the energetic, optimistic artist Jack Dawson, I think a few spritzes of the warm, boozy Parfum d'Empire Ambre Russe would make her happy. I imagining her dancing and laughing down at 3rd deck while someone is spilling out his beer on her, wrapped in the notes of vodka, amber, leather and cinnamon (and a little bit of sweat ofcourse). Happy, vibrant and spicy. 2nd choice would perhaps be Atelier Cologne Santal Carmin because of the saffron note or perhaps Lancôme Magnifique because of the saffron and rose notes (although the first is a bit more spicy and not as sweet and "feminine"as the latter).  
The beautiful 100 anniversaire bottle of L'Heure Bleue...
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 Jumping forward a bit, to the second half of the movie when Rose is starting to truly break free of her chained world filled with tight laced corsets and marriages without hearth, it is time for a change in perfume bottles. To me it seems like Guerlain Mitsouko would be perfect for her. When the ship has gone down :( and a lot of things have changed for her, a new Rose is starting to take shape. I love the end scene when the viewer is being showed the photos of Rose's life during 1920's (also, Mitsouko was created in 1919, the years are really spot on here) or so, and we get to see that she did all that she dreamed of doing. She probably lived a very interesting life, groundbreaking and free spirited and therefore, I imagine her wearing Mitsouko: a warm spicy perfume with notes earthy oak moss, sweet peaches and some tiny florals. I love using it myself when I feel like painting or while "being creative". I think it would be perfect for a person like Rose. 
While taking the risk of being a bit  Jean Baptiste Grenouille-like, I love being able to smell a persons scent up close. Or to just be able to get a whiff of someones scented trail while walking pass someone in the street. How a person smells like tells a little little bit of their personality; their fears, their passions, their life and their dreams. Fictive characters are just that, fictive but it is highly enjoyable to imagine what they might smell like, what perfumes they might love. Doing that is like building a playground where you have the possibility to add traits or characteristics to their persons, and with that enhance their personalities...
Do you have any fictive characters in particular that you are fond of? Do you ever imagine what scents they are wearing? Oh do tell!


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